When a home experiences a serious fire, it can be easy for the owner to feel overwhelmed and lost as they face the task of restoring the home. If you have never been through the process of repairing and restoring fire damage, there are some important steps that you should avoid overlooking as you work to return your home to its pre-fire condition.  

Be Prompt With Starting The Process Of Filing A Fire Damage Claim

It can take your insurance a surprisingly and frustratingly long time to process and approve your fire damage claim. As a result, it is important to make sure that you are taking the initial steps to get the claim processing as soon as possible. In many instances, the insurance will want to dispatch an adjuster to evaluate the damage, and you will need to schedule this with them.

Make Appropriate Living Arrangements For Your Family

Depending on the amount of fire damage that the home suffered, you may need to vacate the structure for several days or longer before the repairs can be completed. It will be necessary to make living arrangements for your family during this time. Luckily, your fire damage restoration contractor will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate for the date when your family can return to living in the home.

Retain Copies Of Any Warranty Information From The Restoration Contractor

It is a common practice for fire damage restoration professionals to provide their clients with warranties. Unfortunately, some homeowners will fail to keep track of these documents. This can make it difficult to know whether suspected problems with the restoration work will be covered by this policy. By taking advantage of any warranty protection that you have, you will be able to avoid paying for repairs twice.

Take Steps To Improve Your Home's Resiliency Against Fires In The Future

There will be much to do to restore your home to its pre-fire condition. However, it is also important to keep an eye toward future fire risks. Having a fire risk assessment done will help you to identify the particular upgrades that would help to make your home more fire resistant. This can include upgrades such as installing fire sprinkler systems, smoke alarms, fire monitoring services and various other steps. In most instances, these upgrades can be completed in only a few days, and your family should not be forced to vacate the home while the contractors install these systems.

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