Homes with crawl space foundations have unique problems due to the humidity beneath them. The crawl space area beneath your home may be causing a humid smell and unseen water damage. The problem can be due to condensation, leaks and other issues that are not visible. Here are some of the things that you can do to prevent the common musty odors coming from your crawl space:

1. Ensuring Your Crawl Space Has Adequate Cross Ventilation to Keep It Dry

When your crawl space does not have cross ventilation, this causes humidity and moisture to be trapped. Adequate foundation vents have to be installed to allow air to flow freely through the crawl space and keep it dry. The vents need to be adjacent to each other in different areas, so you should be able to see light from the vent on the other side of your home when you look through it and across the crawl space.

2. Waterproofing Areas That Are Exposed to Ground Water That May Cause Leaks

Waterproofing is another part of your crawl space that protects from water damage. Some older homes may have old waterproofing or none at all. Make sure that any areas of the crawl space that are below grade or come in contact with water have a coat of sealant on them. If your crawl space does not have any waterproofing, add it to the areas where it needs it. In addition, you may want to have the sealant applied a few inches above the grading.

3.  Encapsulating Your Crawl Space To Prevent Humidity And Condensation

As weather changes and the ground and soils get colder and warmer, condensation and moisture can form in your crawlspace. To prevent this natural phenomenon from causing problems, have your crawl space encapsulated with a liner to keep the moisture out of your home. In addition to protecting against moisture, encapsulating your crawl space will also help prevent pest problems as well as help keep the crawl space clean. You may also want to have this done to the floor joists, which will help improve energy efficiency by keeping the outside air out of your home.

Musty crawl space smells come from water getting into your basement. Waterproofing and ventilation will help reduce any water problems in your crawl space. Contact a waterproofing contractor or read more  to help with sealing your foundation and doing repairs to keep the foundation dry.