Black mold is a very dangerous form of mold that can develop over time in damp areas of your home. It is typical in homes that have naturally occurring humidity or homes that use their heating more than usual, which eventually ends up creating humidity and an excellent environment for the mold to grow in. 

Often times, mold will grow in unlikely places and can go on growing unnoticed for long periods of time. If you do find black mold in your home then it is absolutely necessary that it is removed and the surface is repaired immediately. If you don't feel comfortable removing the mold yourself then contact a professional service who can do the job for you, as black mold does present a serious risk to your health.


Before removing the mold you will need to be properly prepared. This means wearing protective goggles, rubber gloves, a face mask suitable for mold removal and a full Tyvek suit with a hood. It is important to cover all ares of your body during this process as black mold can easily transfer to your skin or move into your lungs, creating very dangerous health consequences in the future. 

In addition to these materials, you'll want to turn off your heating and any air conditioning units in your home that spread air into other rooms. You don't want to spread the mold molecules around as they could possibly start to grow in other rooms creating added expenses and damage. 

Remove the mold

To begin with the mold removal, you'll need to remove the drywall where the mold is present and place it into sealed trash bags. Use a regular utility knife to slice the drywall in sections and remove it carefully piece by piece. It is best to remove the mold in sections carefully like this. If you start to casually tear pieces away then you risk spreading mold molecules into the air and possibly into other rooms.

Place the affected pieces into the plastic bags and seal them tightly before disposing of them. Continue along with this process until you've removed all areas where mold is present. To be sure that the mold won't return, spray the surrounding areas with a mold removal spray. This will disinfect any small areas where mold may be present and prevent future growth. After all of the affected areas are removed, replace the old drywall with new drywall.

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