Any fire in your home is a horrifying experience, but you may think that a little electrical fire or a small kitchen blaze will not cause that much damage. Unfortunately, even a little smoke and water can really do a job on your home and your possessions, so if you experience any sort of fire, be prepared for some real damage.


The average cost of restoring your home after a fire is between $3300 and $4800. Costs may be much higher than those figures depending on the value of your possessions and the extent of the blaze. Much of the harm from a small fire stems from the smoke damage caused by the flames and the water damage caused by extinguishing them. If the fire department has to show up to your house, you know that recovery will be expensive.

Quick Action

You need to contact a fire restoration service, such as Western Skies Restoration Inc, because you will need professional help to repair your home, but in the short term, you can begin to make things better on your own. Once your home has been cleared by the professionals for you to reenter, you can begin to limit the water and smoke damage. First, open all the doors and windows to improve the air quality and to begin drying up the water and fire retardants used by the fire department. If you have a water vac, use it to remove as much of the water as possible to save furnishings and discourage mold and mildew. If you are able to use your electricity, employ fans to circulate the air, which will help dry things up and limit smoke damage as well. 

Smoke Damage

Some staining may be permanent, but other damage may be limited if the cleaning process begins immediately. Soot is acidic and begins to ruin surfaces in a matter of minutes. In a few hours, the smoke damage becomes apparent on walls, furniture, and flooring. Metal can begin to rust, and clothes can be permanently stained and infused with smoke odor. The longer you wait to seek professional help, the worse the damage will be. Fortunately, your homeowners insurance policy should cover these restoration services. 

If you suffer from a fire, do what you safely can to limit water and smoke damage on your own but also call a fire restoration service. Even if your home suffers little in the way of structural damage, your furnishings, carpets, and clothing can be ruined if quick action is not taken.