It can be incredibly frustrating dealing with the aftermath of a flood if you have plants to protect. Floodwaters can completely destroy your plants if you aren't careful. Here are a few technologies that may help you prevent and resist damage to your plants from a flood.

Flood Resistant Crops

If your crops are in an area where you know flooding is going to be a potential problem, it's often a good idea to plan for this. One new technological approach is to use crops that are already flood resistant.

Researchers have recently discovered the potential for cereal crops that could have anti-flood properties, for example. The breeding technique has already shown promise for making types of barley and wheat able to tolerate flooding without as much loss.

Scientists were able to do this by finding the mechanism in plants that allows them to sense when oxygen levels are low. This mechanism allows the plant to adapt to the new temporary conditions in order to avoid increased damage to itself.

Most plants can't survive without oxygen for very long due to being underwater. Flooding can reduce crop output by as much as 50%. But if farmers use plants with natural resistance to it, this rate can be greatly reduced.

There's every likelihood that these special flood resistant crops will be available commercially in the near future.

Automatic Monitoring and Draining Systems

There are also a number of systems available out there that can automatically detect conditions associated with flooding. Many of them can detect increased water in an area, or a drop in temperature, for example.

Regardless of whether you have a small garden or a larger farm, floodwaters moving through your house are likely going to hit your crops next. This is why having a system that can automatically inform you of what's happening and even take initial draining steps can be so useful.

Some of these systems can engage draining automatically, such as through the use of automatic stop valves to contain water within a certain area so then it can be drained by pumps or through other methods.

The systems can often alert you on your smartphone or other device that a flood is occurring if you happen to be somewhere else at the time, or initially asleep. Once you know that a flood is occurring, you can take steps to stop the water from damaging your plants and running your yield. If you are in need of water removal, contact a local professional for help and advice.